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Review of Language by an Anonymous Students

Are you wondering what is the best language school in Trenčín? Well you can stop wondering because I have the perfect answer for you. It´s Language and Partner!

I have been attending this language school for years and I can confirm it deserves 5 stars. The school has a lot of different languages u can choose from and in fact there are a few native speakers. It´s really great because in my opinion native speaking can be verry helpful and can have a largeimpact while learnring a new language. The teachers are so nice and helpful and their way of teaching is really fun.

The school is close to the city center and it has a great location . It´s accessible for cars and it has a parking lot next to it and if you prefer public transport it also has several bus stops close to it.

Overall the school definitely deserves 5 stars and I´m super thankful to have the opportunity to learn english here.

Xoxo, B!


Naši študenti, náš tím, naša komunita.

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