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Our stories - an interview

My journey in LP began in 5th grade which makes it my 6th year of attendance now. I found the school thanks to my classmate and the wonderful community and friends I've made here made me return every year up until now, when other than the role of a student I also assist with teaching. But I was left wondering: what are the stories of others? I know so many people but I don't know their beginnings… I´ve asked some of our students (mainly the older ones) to share their story with us through my little interview:

  1. How long have you been studying here and do you plan on staying?

Daisy, 16

If I had to guess right now, I´d say five or six years. I think my brother was the first one to start. My mom put him in extra English classes because he wasn´t the best at it, and then I used to sometimes go pick him up after school. I think that slowly, I started gaining more interest and starting to meet people in LP, and, then it got to the point when my mom signed me up.

Karolina 17

Uh,h I think it´s been about 11 yearssince I started in then first or second grade of elementary school. And how did I star? Well, my mom actually signed me up, and I was a kid that if you told me I had to go there,e I would go there. :)

Misko 19


Unfortunately i can´t remember it its been quite a while, even more than twelve years or so. My parents got me here, it was 3 buildings before this one and we´ve had this one for last 6 years so..

Zuzka 14

uh well i started something about in 3rd grade i think and its around 4 to 5 years now I remember my first lector was Daska. Actually my mom signed me up to get better in english because she felt like english in school is just too easy and it´s not enough.

2. Could you share your favorite memory from Language and Partner?

Daisy 16

For me personally, I think it was the first time I met Tatianka, but like actually met her. Because we all know she´s the principal and everyone spoke

so nice of her and I was really young at the time I was like 11. It was the first cambridge ceremony I was at and we went in the bathrooms or something I don´t remember but it was so nice to talk to her because it didn´t matter who you were what age you were or if you just started studying in september she knew your name, she knew who you were, she was really nice. Overall she´s an amazing person but when I first met her it was so nice to talk to somebody  who´s an adult but doesn´t look down on you like they actually enjoyed having a conversation with a kid.

Viki 18

I have so many good memories  that I can not choose one but a really recent memory that I remember was when one of my classmates had a new girlfriend and so Tatianka brought up champagne. He was opening it and Tanicka said: " You can pop it into the ceiling," because she has like little dents on the ceiling from popping champagne bottles. Well he didn´t manage to make a dent but he did manage to spray the champagne evereywhere, especially on the carpet so that was fun. :D


3. What makes you come back every year?

Viki 18

Well i think it stopped being english long time ago and its mostly the people here and the community that we have here because everyone is so kind and friendly so I really do love coming here just because of the people and the vibes. And well i wouldnt mind staying if they´d let me. But it depends i dont know, university and stuff...

Misko 19

the people here its amazing. I´d love to stay but im just going to university that will be probably in another city and it will be difficult but I´ll try my best to stay.

Zuzka 14

You see the community in Language and Partner, both teachers and students, is amazing. Especially our group every tuesday is amazing we just talks about things and it´s not just learning, learning and learning and you build some relationships. You meet new people, it´s amazing.

To wrap it up, I´d like to say thank you to everyone who participated in the interview and I´d like to encourage each one of you to stop for a moment and think about how you would answer to these questions. And if you´re a new student, well, keep going until you have one of these wonderful memories too.


Naši študenti, náš tím, naša komunita.

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