Chapter 2

I am so very pleased you've made it to chapter two and I AM enjoying reading your summaries. Please keep reading and thinking about what you read. T xxx

Read chapter 2 and try to think critically when answering the questions.

1. Napoleon, Snowball and Squealer take the lead after old Major's death. Why these leaders? What qualities do they possess? (in terms of leadership) Try to answer using the PEE paragraphs (Point + Evidence (a quote from the text) + Explanation). 

2. The animals are presented as VICTORS after the humans are banished. How does Orwell suggest their victory? (again, write in a PEE paragraph). 

3. Is it clear that Molly has reservations against life without humans? What signs support this idea (if any)?

Now, summarise the answers and submit to I look forward to your e-mails!  Tx